Monday, July 12, 2010

I had quite the adventure last Friday night. We went out on the river with some friends on their party barge, the river barely contained any other boats because of the late hour. The owner of the boat is a riverboat captain, so we feel really secure. The weather was perfect over the lake, stars were everywhere. We happen upon this beautiful camp, deserted like the others around it, and decided to explore. It had an inground pool! This camp was sitting right in the middle of the river! My highschool days flashed back to me, so I suggested we go for a swim...It was great!
As we were laughing and heading back across the lake, we run out of gas! Mr. Riverboat captain's gauge is broken and we are stranded. After much ribbing and laughing, he has to call his brother at one in the morning to come and bring us some gas, needless to say he wasn't none to happy to have to get out of bed. So, we finally get back home three hours later with a funny new memory!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have only posted one thing so far and I realize that this may be something that I like to do. I love writing and my first book, though self published, is with editors as we speak. I hear that if you are self published, then you aren't an author...but there have been so many authors that have began that way, like Mark Twain. I wrote my book in two months, I loved doing it and it never seemed like an effort. I was highly intimidated to even try for a traditional publishing deal, so I didn't bother...kinda always been a do it myselfer. Just wondering that if there is anyone out there that reads this and has an opinion on the subject, I would love to hear it. Everyone who has read my book, Nathaniel Ages, so far tells me I'm definately an author. I don't know, I'm still the person who wipes the butt of her three year old and homeschools her kids and her friends daughter and cooks and cleans. That's me. I wouldn't change a thing.